While millions rush to the polls this election day in the United States, American Nathan Schreiber sits in his north London home anxiously looking on and hoping for change.

"It's not just that I want Trump to lose, I want this way of politics to lose," said Schreiber.

Originally from the Boston area, Schreiber says he’s already cast his vote. He says any victory on either side will have to be made with an exclamation point.

"There needs to be an overwhelming landslide victory in order for everybody to accept the results 'cause I think even if it's close that could be really problematic," said Schreiber.

Keri Lambert is a Londoner living in Tennessee and she says there are issues leading up to this election.

"There's a lot of tension, a lot of anxiety and other than that we're just trying to keep our distance right now," said Lambert. "Everyone's on high alert to expect some protesting and very upset people."

Lambert is in the states for her husband’s job and says day to day living can be challenging.

"While there are many, many wonderful people here, there's enough that just want to fight will people and cause chaos, it's not a happy place to be right now," adds Lambert.

While Schreiber and Lambert are hoping for a Joe Biden win, there’s support for the other candidate in St. Thomas.

"I'm proudly showing the Trump flags because I believe in the underdog," says Rusty Busby who has family living in the states. "He's fighting for the little guy."

As for Schreiber, he’ll continue to watch from afar and hope for the best for his native country.

"If everything goes to hell, I'm in Canada, I'm in a different country, my family is here, maybe I just focus on my life here in Canada," said Schreiber.