Tesla and Supra drivers who raced through Vancouver ID'd thanks to social media video

Two drivers who raced down a Vancouver street at speeds of up to 172 km/h have been identified, according to police.

Authorities said their investigation was made easier by the fact that one driver posted video of the dangerous stunt online.

"When you post this to social media… I will guarantee you that one of your 'friends' will rat you out!" Sgt. Mark Christensen said in a Twitter post about the incident.

The short video shows a Tesla weaving into an opposing lane twice in order to pass other vehicles and zoom ahead of a speeding Toyota Supra.

The Vancouver Police Department said investigators believe the incident took place on busy Fraser Street earlier this week. Someone saw the video on social media and forwarded it to authorities.

A police spokesperson told CTV News their investigation is still in its early stages and it's unclear what charges could be laid against the drivers involved.

When you post this to social media... going 170 kmh in Vancouver, I will guarantee you that one of your “friends” will rat you out! We have identified the Tesla...working on Supra, you can expect a visit from us in the near future! @VancouverPD @ChiefPalmer @VPDTrafficUnit pic.twitter.com/wPr7CW3oP3

— Sgt Mark Christensen (@baldguy1363) June 1, 2021