'That hit the stadium!': Videos show lightning strike near Edmonton Elks' stadium

Lightning hit near the Edmonton Elks' stadium during Tuesday night's storm, several viewer videos show.

"That hit the stadium," a shocked viewer yelled as thunder was heard coming from Commonwealth Stadium.

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— Shawn Homeniuk (@HomeniukShawn) August 4, 2021

"I was really shocked," said Richard Wood, one of the people who shot lightning video. "It was a lot more than we typically get out of these storms."

It looks like it was close to Commonwealth Stadium, but the city told CTV News there are "no signs found at this time that lightning struck the stadium."

Environment Canada told CTV News there were nine lightning strikes within a kilometre of Commonwealth Stadium between 9:30 and 10 p.m. Tuesday.

"We've seen over 8,600 lightning strikes in the Edmonton area so far this year," said Environment Canada meteorologist Kyle Fougere. "It's not uncommon to have thunderstorms that have widespread lightning and move across the city."

Lightning caused power outages in the area according to EPCOR, but it added it is not aware of any damage to its equipment. 

With files from Dan Grummett