'That is just not acceptable': Councillor calls for more funding to reduce sewer overflow

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The city is looking at increasing funding in the 2022 budget to reduce combined sewer overflows, though one city councillor is calling on the city to do more.

The city is spending $30 million a year on a plan to limit the amount of sewage overflowing into waterways, which means replacing part of the sewer system.

The goal is to capture 85 per cent of overflow volume by 2047, but the city isn't on track to hit that goal until 2095.

"That is just not acceptable—that is a 75-year arc, so I want to pick up the funding pace," said Coun. Brian Mayes.

"To what extent we can do that, what will it cost? That is what we're trying to explore here."

Mayes wants to increase funding to help speed up the process. He is calling for the city to spend an additional $15 million annually over the next four years.

"This is a billion dollar problem, we've got to make some investments," he said.

The city's water and waste committee meets on September 13.