The 2021 Smile Cookie campaign is underway

The Tim Hortons 2021 Smile Cookie campaign is underway from Sept, 13-19, 2021. (Nick Paparella/ CTV London)

Tim Hortons restaurants across the country continue to help children in the respective communities with the annual Smile Cookie campaign.

Locations in London and Dorchester are teaming up to support the Children’s Health Foundation as well as Investing in Children.

"It’s very important for Tim Hortons franchisees in London and Dorchester partnering up with two great charities this year, Investing in Children and the London Children’s Foundation so it’s a great way to give back," said Erik Stoyanovich, Tim Hortons co-owner.

Speaking  on what the money will be used for, Farah Rohoman, Vice Chair at the Children's Health Foundation says, "It’s helping our Children’s Hospital here in London and for our surrounding areas.  The funds this year they are going to our new-natal intensive care unit so we’re helping the most vulnerable of our population babies that are in need."

The smile cookies are selling for $1 each until this Sunday with all proceeds being donated.

Last year, more than $257,000 was raised locally.