'The challenges are so much harder': Winnipeg chef talks returning to MasterChef Canada

Winnipeg chef Jeremy Senaris, who was the runner-up on MasterChef Canada Season 3, is back on the show and ready to take home the title.

Senaris is a contestant on the newest season of CTV’s MasterChef Canada, called Back to Win, in which past contestants come back for a second chance at winning the MasterChef title as well as $100,000.

The chef said this season the challenges have been tougher and the competition fiercer.

“They expect so much more of us, because a lot of us have been working in professional kitchens, have our own culinary businesses. The expectations and the bar is set super high this season.” Senaris said.

He noted that the competition has gotten so intense that he was “sweating bullets” in the last episode that aired.

“I think I used about four or five towels in that episode alone,” he said.

Though this season is seeing the return of some of the best MasterChef Canada contestants from the past, Senaris is seen as one of the top competitors.

His fellow contestants even voted him toughest cook to beat.

“I feel like I was a target from the beginning, but definitely having all of the other competitors, especially the ones that I find so strong in the competition, see me as a threat definitely paints a big target on my back,” he said.

Senaris said he has great support from Winnipeg, and that is what’s pushing him to keep moving forward.

“I’m looking forward to hopefully getting that title and bringing it back to Winnipeg,” he said.

“I think that’s what everyone is rooting for.”

- With files from CTV’s Michael Hutchinson.