The Charley Fox Memorial Overpass Public Artwork, which is located at the Hale Street and Trafalgar Street roundabout, is being removed for repairs.

Weather permitting, it is expected to come down on Monday.

While the roundabout remains open, the artwork was damaged at the end of August during a heavy rain and wind storm.

"We take great pride in our public art," said Scott Stafford, managing director of Parks and Recreation, when the structure had to be repaired in 2018. "Regular lifecycle maintenance helps ensure that artworks like this can be enjoyed by the community for years to come."

Created by artists Daniel Castillo and Jerry Vrabec, the artwork is part of the City of London Public Art collection.

The memorial, which honors all veterans and recognizes all branches of the Canadian military forces was placed in the centre of the Charley Fox Memorial Overpass in the fall of 2011.

It is expected that the structure will return in early November.