The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in rehearsal. Dec.11, 2019. (CTV News Edmonton)

The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra is offering a special way to serenade your loved ones this Valentine's Day.

ESO's Valentine’s Jukebox is offering a "one-of-a-kind musical Valentine" for $80.

Four ESO couples were asked to pick two of their favourite songs to perform for the Valentine’s Day series.

People can pick from a selection of eight songs, including "Our Love is Here to Stay" and "Je te veux," and tell ESO the custom message they'd like the musicians to deliver to their loved one.

"We chose these pieces just because they’re pretty, uplifting and they so clearly express love and intimacy," said Laura Veeze of the song choices she and her partner Robert Uchida made.

The orchestra's website also includes the love story from each of the four couples and why they picked each song.

"Scott and I met in the ESO – workplace romance," said Kathryn Macintosh.

The deadline to order your modern day singing telegram is 12 p.m. MST on Feb. 11.

ESO will send the video links out by noon on Valentine's Day.