The heat is on in Winnipeg this weekend

The heat is on in Winnipeg.

An extreme weather warning is currently in effect for the city, with high temperatures expected to remain throughout the weekend.

Dr. Jazz Atwal, the deputy chief provincial public health officer, said residents have some options for staying cool this weekend.

“Outdoor pools, splash pads, and wading pools are operational at this time,” said Atwal. “The orders also allow the operation of outdoor pools, splash pads, and wading pools at hotels, camp grounds, and other private businesses.”

Atwal said city pools and splash pads are for people who don’t have heat relief options, and those who have access to a pool or air conditioning should not use public pools for a family outing.

The City of Winnipeg has several services available during the heat wave to make sure residents have a place to keep cool.

Emergency Services Coordinator for the City of Winnipeg, Lisa Gilmour said the city set up a heat relief tent in Central Park that provides water bottles and snacks for people in the area, and several cooling stations have been set up throughout the city.

“510 Main, at the Susan A. Thompson building—that’s open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., it opened yesterday and it’s going until July 4,” said Gilmour.

“We have four community centres in the city that are opening up indoor cooling centres for their neighbourhoods this weekend.”

The city also made water tanks available in four different locations throughout the city.

Siloam Mission is doing all it can to keep people experiencing homelessness safe during the extreme weather weekend.

Communications Manager, Luke Thiessen said COVID-19 has shut down a lot of public spaces, and it adds some challenges when trying to protect people from extreme weather.

“We make sure that people have access to come inside in the air-conditioned space all day long,” said Thiessen.

“So where normally we might close for a period of time for cleaning, we’re not doing that.”

Thiessen said Siloam has a coordinated extreme weather response with other shelters in the city.

He said they’re also looking for donations of warm-weather clothing, like T-shirts, shorts, and runners for people transitioning into summer wear.

More information about the resources available to Winnipeggers amid the heatwave can be found online, or by calling 311.