The newest resident in Ottawa's Elmvale Acres neighbourhood is an 18-foot snowman

Luc Guertin built Waldo, the 18-foot snowman, in front of his Elmvale Acres home. (Jackie Perez/CTV News Ottawa)

Waldo the Snowman has come back to life, thanks to this week's record-breaking snowstorm.

Luc Guertin used the snow from Monday's 48 cm storm to build an 18-foot snowman on the front lawn of his Elmvale Acres home.

"Who doesn't like a snowman? I think it's easy enough to make," said Guertin.

This is the 14th year for Waldo the Snowman, who originally resided in Orleans. Guertin built the giant snowman at his old home in Orleans, and wanted to bring the tradition with him when he moved to Elmvales Aces.

Guertin says the snowman is bringing a spark of joy to residents around Holt Crescent and Arch Street.

"It brings a smile," said Guertin standing beside Waldo on Saturday.

Guertin named Waldo the Snowman after his grandfather.

With Mother Nature's co-operation, Waldo the Snowman will continue to keep watch over the neighbourhood until the end of March.