A road sign warning drivers of the speed reduction on PR 206. (Jon Hendricks/CTV News)

OAKBANK, MAN. -- The Province of Manitoba is taking immediate action to make the intersection of Provincial Road 206 and Garvin Road safer.

Speed limits will be lowered on PR 206, from 100 km/h to 90 km/h, between Oakbank and 300 metres before the intersection at Garven Road.

The province says the limit will be further reduced to 70 km/h for 300 metres on either side of the intersection.

The changes are in response to a series of recent serious collisions at the intersection.

Dan Wischnewski narrowly survived a collision at the intersection on May 8.

He was left with a long list of major injuries after a driver drove through a stop sign.

On Oct. 22 there was a fatal crash at the same intersection.

These changes to the speed limit are just the beginning.

Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler says the province is studying long-term solutions for the intersection, which could include traffic signals or a roundabout.