The Grand Council of Crees testified on the final day of hearings at the Viens Commission

The final report of the inquiry into Quebec's treatment of Indigenous people will be released Monday morning in Val d'Or.

Known as the Viens commission after its president, retired Superior Court justice Jacques Viens, the inquiry was launched in 2016 and heard from more than 1,000 people before its final hearing in December 2018.

The impetus for the hearings came after an investigation into allegations that native women in Val d'Or accused six police officers of sexual abuse.

Investigators said they believed the women had been abused, but did not have enough evidence to lay any charges against officers.

Commissioners also looked into how the province's youth protection agency, health officials, and the justice system treated Indigenous people.

The province was originally scheduled to release the report last Friday, until critics said the massive climate change protest that same day meant nobody would pay attention to the commission's report.