A gold putter is seen in this stock image from Shutterstock.com

VANCOUVER - A set of gold-plated golf clubs that was stolen from Pitt Meadows last month has been recovered by police.

Authorities said the clubs, which have an estimated retail value of $20,000, were snatched from the area of Meadow Gardens Golf Club on Sept. 18.

Patrol officers found them about a week later during a traffic stop in neighbouring Maple Ridge. Police said they recovered the clubs from a car that was being driven by a “known prolific offender” who had multiple active warrants.

Const. Julie Klaussner said it’s fortunate the clubs were so easily identifiable, and that the rightful owner reported the theft to police.

“We know that rightful ownership of property is important to people in this community, but we have to be able to prove it,” Klaussner said in a statement.

“This is a great example of how it isn’t uncommon for items to be located in completely unrelated investigations which is why it is so important to report stolen items to police.”

The clubs have since been returned to their rightful owner, the RCMP said.