The Animal Rescue Foundation says a thief broke into its northeast facility on Saturday and stole pet food, lock boxes and a popcorn maker, and damaged part of the property. (Courtesy: Animal Rescue Foundation)

Staff at a Calgary charity have been left to clean up the pieces from a break-in early Saturday morning. 

Surveillance video captured one man entering the Animal Rescue Foundation at around 1:00 a.m. and leaving after nearly four hours inside. 

“It’s really upsetting for us,” said volunteer Rachel Finseth. 

According to Finseth, the thief stole pet food, lock boxes and a popcorn maker, and damaged to the front door and side gate. 

None of the animals were taken or injured. 

“This is a safe space for our animals and a safe space for our volunteers, and so it was definitely a feeling of violation,” Finseth commented. 

“I know a lot of our volunteers were nervous and a little bit scared. This isn’t something that's happened to us before.” 

The foundation is asking for donations to help with damage costs and product replacement. 

ARF helps cats and dogs rescued from rural areas get healthy and find an owner. 

Police were notified of and called out to the scene, staff said.  

Those with information about the break-in are asked to call police or Crime Stoppers.