REGINA -- When the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers face off, there’s always some trash talk, but the Bombers seemed to strike a nerve with Rider fans thanks to a pregame tweet Saturday.

Things that are gross:

1. The colour green
2. Toilet shaped stadiums

End of list. pic.twitter.com/YlNJNT8akx

— WPG Blue Bombers (@Wpg_BlueBombers) October 5, 2019

Taking aim at the colour green and Mosaic Stadium, Rider fans weren’t having it, as replies blew up ahead of the third rematch this season between the two rivals.

“Don’t be classless and predictable, your own fans didn’t even engage,” one reply read.

“If only you guys played football as well as you chirped,” said another.

Even some Winnipeg fans said the toilet-themed shot at Mosaic Stadium went too far, given that it’s set to host another Winnipeg team for the NHL Heritage Classic.

“That’s home ice for the [Winnipeg Jets] three weeks from today, don’t slander.”

Even Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe came to the defense of the green and white.

3. @Wpg_BlueBombers https://t.co/TxaQy27He5

— Scott Moe (@PremierScottMoe) October 5, 2019

But the Bombers knew what they were doing, saying in a reply “Rider fans are too easy to trigger”.

Despite the top tier trash talk, the Riders flushed the Bombers at Mosaic Stadium 21-6.