'This does look really bad': Interim leader of Buffalo Party reacts to surprise ouster

The Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan has removed its interim leader Wade Sira, something that he says came as a surprise to him.

Sira, who began the role in July 2020, says he learned of the news during an interview with a reporter.

“I still have not received any communication from the board about their decision,” Sira told CTV News.

On Monday, the party held a regularly scheduled provincial board of directors meeting where the board unanimously voted to move Wade Sira from his position, according to a Tuesday news release from the party.

“This move was not made lightly, however due to several internal factors, and given the proximity to the upcoming Party Leadership Selection, it was in the best interests of the Party to make this difficult decision,” the party said in a news release.

“At this time the provincial board of directors is 100 per cent committed to a robust AGM (annual general meeting), and ensuring all members' voices are heard. This also ensures that we continue our commitment to being a member driven, grassroots party,” interim party president Kris Carley said.

Sira says members of the party have called him to ask what was going on since they were unaware of his removal.

“Their own membership never received anything from the party as well, they’re all finding out from news releases that have been put out. There’s a lot of discontent and disconnection for our board to its own membership,” Sira said.

Sira says this unexpected move from the party isn’t a good look, describing “corruption,” “nepotism” and “collusion.”

“This does look really bad, it’s very detrimental to the party, especially if you’re not talking to your own membership,” Sira said.

Sira says he’s been speaking with his advisors to seek legal advice on his next steps.

The Buffalo Party says it will begin its leadership process to elect its first official leader.

The party is scheduled to hold its first annual general meeting on Nov. 21, according to its website.

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