This new website helps B.C. residents dispute, pay for violation tickets

An RCMP officer writes a speeding ticket during a speed enforcement campaign in May.

A new website has launched Thursday that informs British Columbians on how to dispute, reduce and pay for violation tickets, without necessarily having to go to court.

The provincial site has information on the dispute process, how to request a fine reduction and other ticket information. It covers Motor Vehicle Act violations and information on tickets issued for municipal or federal offences. 

The site doesn't appear to have an option to dispute the ticket online, however. Instead, it directs users to an information page that says disputes must still be sent in by mail or done in person.

"We know that integrating technology into our justice system has significant benefits, making it easier and more efficient for people to interact with the courts," said David Eby, Attorney General.

"This new tool will consolidate existing information into one place, helping British Columbians to learn about and resolve their ticket issues without always having to go to court. It is another step forward as we work to update B.C.’s justice system to better support the needs of people."

According to the province, more than 500,000 violation tickets are issued each year locally. About 80,000 of those are disputed in provincial court.