MONTREAL -- Here at CTV News Montreal, we don't like to waste your time.

So: above you will find a video of cheetahs that were born at Parc Safari this summer.

If you like adorable newborn animals, we highly recommend you watch it.

If you do not like adorable newborn animals, we understand. (We're sorry for you, but we understand).

And for those who would like a little more context: a cheetah named Chloe gave birth to the baby cheetahs July 19. Each weighed just 800 grams at birth. (They will grow to be anywhere from 22 to 72 kg). They join 10 male and three female cheetahs already at Parc Safari.

The sex and names of the baby cheetahs will be revealed Friday at Parc Safari, where visitors will be able to see them as of this weekend.

(Did we mention they are adorable?)

Thank you for your time.