'This was a massacre,' Final day of cross-examination in double-murder trial

Disclaimer: Readers may find some details disturbing.

On the third day of cross-examination in a double-murder trial, Crown Attorney Ray Williams called into question everything Dyrrin Daley testified happened the morning James and Nick Pasowisty died.

The Crown accused Daley of making everything up, "You told us a rich story." Williams added, "You can't put together a coherent story."

The Crown suggested the accused, who often bought marijuana from the father-son duo, showed up unannounced at their William Street residence around 2:30 a.m. on Feb. 8, 2017, and snuck into the home with plans to rob them.

Daley had testified he wanted to do a deal with the Pasowistys for marijuana and possibly cash when James Pasowisty called him a racial slur and charged at him after accusing Daley of owing him money from a previous deal.

Daley said he had repaid the debt.

He admitted to bringing a duffle bag containing a flashlight, extendable baton and pellet gun, plus a knife in his pocket to the Pasowisty's home.

The Crown suggested Daley first stabbed James Pasowisty before chasing down and stabbing 19-year-old Nick.

"Your evidence is a rehearsed act," Williams told Daley, who disagreed.

"I'm suggesting, Mr. Daley, your whole story about what happened is a lie," said Williams.

Daley was shown various photos of the injuries sustained by the Pasowistys, wounds mostly to their head, neck and torso. Williams said Daley appeared relatively unharmed.

He had been treated for a cut to the middle finger of his left hand.

The Crown said Daley either never mentioned or left out key details or lied about significant events following his arrest in subsequent statements to police hours after the violent encounter.

"Seventy-three force injuries," stated Williams. "Mr. Daley, this was a massacre. The Pasowistys never had a chance."

Since his arrest, Daley confessed to killing both men, claiming self-defence.

He told the court he didn't see Nick or James Pasowisty with a weapon but feared for his life and went into a trance-like state.

Daley testified he was in survival mode and 'blacked out' and did what he needed to survive. He insisted the last time he saw the Pasowistys, they were injured but alive.

Daley, unable to retrieve his duffle bag and its contents, said he grabbed Nick's PlayStation as collateral to ensure the return of his items.

Daley, the lawyers involved, and Justice Christie will visit the Williams Street home where James and Nick Pasowisty died with the police on Friday morning.

Closing submissions are expected next week.