Three Toronto beaches closed due to E. coli concerns


The City of Toronto has closed several of its beaches due to E. coli concerns.

The city is home to 11 supervised beaches, but only Centre Island Beach, Ward’s Island Beach, Woodbine Beach, Kew Balmy Beach and Bluffer’s Beach Park are open right now.

Marie Curtis Park East Beach, Sunnyside Beach and Cherry Beach are closed due to unsafe levels of E. coli. The city regularly conducts inspections to test E. coli levels at its beaches. The last tests were done on June 28.

Data was not available for some beaches on the city's website Wednesday. 

“Swimming is not recommended during and after storms, floods, or heavy rainfall. Cloudy water can be an indicator of high levels of bacteria that may pose a risk to human health,” the city writes on its website.

“Conditions are based upon E. coli counts in beach water samples taken over the past 24 hours."