Tim Hortons annual smile cookie campaign is back

Smile cookies are back and are being sold at all Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada for $1 each.

In Sudbury last year, a total of 137,000 cookies were sold and one of the local store owners said that each year, those numbers increase.

"Last year we were really worried because it was the start of COVID and we thought we wouldn’t make it. We grew by about five per cent last year and we’re hoping for even more this year," said Marian Mackenzie, a Sudbury Tim Hortons store owner.

All proceeds will be divided among four local charities.

"Health care is so critically important for people here the northeastern Ontario," said Anthony Keating, the HSN Foundation president.

"This kind of campaign helps make sure we have the equipment that we need to keep people here, keep people closer to home and get the treatment and the care that they need."

Helps city's vulnerable

"It allowed us to actually buy food stocks that we use to feed the people who are hungry in our communities," Sudbury Food Bank's executive director Dan Xilon said. "So, if you think about it we get about $6 worth of food for every dollar that we spend on food. If you buy a Smile Cookie, you’ve bought $6 worth of food. That’s a nice piece of meat for someone or a nice meal."

The money will also go toward the Maison McCulloch Hospice.

For close to four decades, Smile Cookies have brought in thousands of dollars for the CTV Lions Children’s Christmas Telethon. Officials said each year, more families reach out for help.

"Last year we had over 16,000 toys went out to the families. Our area starts from Thessalon all the way up to Onaping Falls to Warren, and French River," said Sam Khoury, chair of the CTV Lions Children's Christmas Telethon.

"The telethon this year same as last year with COVID -- we have too many families, too many people who lost their jobs, too many families need the support and assistance and with the Smile Cookies it makes a huge difference for us to support them."

The smile cookie campaign will wrap up Sept. 19.