A Tim Hortons coffee shop in downtown Toronto, on Wednesday, June 29, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Eduardo Lima.

Tim Hortons is the latest coffee chain to stop serving beverages in reusable cups.

The Canadian coffee-chain has announced it will pause accepting reusable cups “at this time” due to concerns over the novel coronavirus outbreak.

In a statement, Tim Hortons says “though health officials have not recommended any changes to current procedures, after listening to our restaurant owners and comments from our guests, we are going to pause on accepting reusable cups at this time.”

This year’s Roll Up the Rim contest included a strong push on reusability.

Tim Hortons says “we are delaying the distribution of the 1.8 million reusable cups that were planned to be given away on March 10 until later this year.

Customers that bring a reusable cup to a restaurant and purchase a hot beverage scanning their Tim Rewards card or app, Tim Hortons will honour the three digit rolls described in the campaign.

Starbucks and The Second Cup announced earlier this week they would stop accepting reusable cups for beverages.

Starbucks says it will continue to honour the 10-cent discount for anyone who bring in a personal cup and asks for "for here" ware.