Timmins business and property owners learn how to deal with crime

The owner of Dumoulin's outdoor store and gift shop on Riverside Drive in Timmins said she's been scouring the Internet for information.

“This past week, I think I’ve actually spent my full days online trying to help my staff take care of what’s been happening to find tips on how to handle it," said Line Perrier.

"We certainly don’t want to discriminate or humiliate somebody by the way they look or the way they act."

Between thefts, vandalism and injection drug use on the premises, Perrier said the experiences are exhausting and expensive.

But she said she has to do something about it.

Perrier attended a meeting on Monday night, hosted by Downtown Timmins BIA and the Timmins Chamber of Commerce. She said she's been at a loss about what her business has endured and has even given up on calling police, resorting instead to posting videos and images of thefts in progress on the store's social media page.

"We feel like nothing's being done, but really and truly, that's how I was told police officers send out our officers to help certain sectors when calls are being put in," she said.

Dan Ayotte, president of PAIB Insurance, also attended the meeting and said his business has been targeted.

“I understand the fear. Somebody’s been through your things ... They broke your windows; they broke your doors. There is a fear that goes with that and it would be nice for that to stop," Ayotte said.

"How do we stop that? I don’t have that answer … Hopefully once the safe injection site opens we’ll see some benefits. Other communities have opened safe injection sites and have seen huge benefits.”

Ayotte said the meeting was a good opportunity for business and property owners to talk about the situations they've been experiencing and said he's hoping there will be a follow-up meeting soon.