Timmins police ready to enforce new stunt driving law

The Timmins Police Service says the new stunt driving law that came into effect July 1 is an effort to make roads safer -- and police are ready to enforce the changes.

Officials said it's easy enough to achieve a speed of 40 km/h over any posted speed limit.

"So we’re hopeful that the motorists are aware that these new laws and the penalties that apply are focused on them and bad driving behaviour," said Marc Depatie, communications coordinator for the Timmins Police Service.

Motorists charged with travelling 40 km above any area that's 80 km/h or less will not only get tickets, but will also lose their licence for seven days and have their vehicles immediately impounded for 14 days.

Depatie said stunt driving or street racing isn't as common in Timmins as regular speeding, but he said it does happen -- there have been eight incidents so far this year.

“There’s always that small but persistent segment of the driving population who choose to indulge in bad driving behaviours," Depatie said. "These are choices made at the wheel. The consequences are real; they’re severe and with the intent of increasing or enhancing public safety, they have an obligation to meet what is expected of them.”

Mickey Auger, a Timmins councillor and a retired police officer, suggested an increase in patrols -- especially in the east end of the city -- would help.

“I know they’re busy in town with other issues but you have to make an effort to have cruisers driving around to slow people down," Auger said.

"It’s the young kids driving the four wheelers and the cars. They’re driving too fast. They’re not going anywhere. They have to learn to slow down.”

Fines for the offence range from $2,000 to $10,000 and can include jail time.