With ski hills remaining closed during this provincial lockdown, the Mount Jamieson Resort in Timmins is giving the community a chance to experience its ski hill through snowshoeing.

Resort board member, Mike Scott, said it's the first time the facility has been available to explore on foot and that it gives people a unique look at the area that one might not get on a snowboard or a set of skis.

"You really get to take the time to enjoy the nature and enjoy the views, particularly on that downhill (slope)," Scott said.

"When you get to the top and you're looking out over the landscape, it's really beautiful."

The endeavour was planned with guidance from the Porcupine Health Unit, to ensure people can stay active while maintaining physical distancing and capacity limits.

Snowshoers are asked to book their adventure in advance online, he said, with groups' start times spread out throughout the day.

"We have everybody booked in one-and-a-half-hour time slots," Scott said.

"Groups are going out in their family bubble or their household bubble ... we also have signage posted all along the trail, just reminding people to keep a safe distance."

In its second weekend of operation, staff said more than 100 snowshoers booked experiences.

Among them was Reid Raymond, who said he appreciated having a new place to enjoy the popular winter activity.

"It's a very good set of trails, it was a lot of fun," he said.

"We do the Porcupine Ski Runners (trails) but this is definitely something different and it's definitely a good workout."

Stephanie Salvatie said she had a pleasant time on the trail loops, saying it's a safe activity to enjoy while supporting the resort during this financially-straining time.

"It's allowing people to get physical activity, be outside and it's very safe," she said. "You're spread out, you don't run into too many people ... and, most importantly, it supports our local hill."

The snowshoeing trails are open weekly on Saturdays.

As well, Scott said the resort is hoping to work with the public health authority to open its snow tubing park in the coming weeks.

He said though the ski hill itself can't open during this lockdown, he said staff have worked hard to make it COVID-safe and will be ready for action once restrictions lift.

"We've put a lot of work into making sure that it's safe for everyone, so we look forward to reopening to full operation in the near future."