Family members are cutting hair for loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hair salons and barbershops have been closed for several weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but hair keeps growing.   

Some people are now taking it upon themselves to try cutting their own hair.

Megan Beahen asked her roommate to help her see, “I have bangs, so they need to be trimmed pretty regularly, otherwise - well, I can’t see.”   She watched online videos, and reached out to her regular stylist for help via video chat.

Dan Ross cut one of his sons’ hair, which lead to his brother also wanting a cut, “Jack, who had been growing his hair for three years decided it was time to get a new look - he wanted the same look as his brother”

Naomi Mooney is 12 years-old, and jumped at the chance to cut her dad's hair, “My dad doesn’t have very much hair, but what he does have grows very, very quickly.”

Does she have experience cutting hair?   “I was a bit nervous at first, because I had never held a razor before.”

What if you’ve never cut hair before?

Kevin Bourne turned to the internet for help, “I watched some YouTube videos on how to do a fade, and how to some different things, so I think YouTube is a good teacher when it comes to learning how to cut your own hair and your kids hair.”

His wife was please, “It turned out really well; I was really surprised”

Tips from the pros:

Fiorella DiNardo-Nocita is co-owner of Salon Fiorella in the ByWard Market.  She says if you have to cut your hair, only do small cuts.

“What I recommend with clippers …start with a number four, simply because you can’t make a mistake - especially on the sides.”

Best tip for cutting your bangs?   “Make sure number one, that you cut your bangs when your hair is dry”

Use scissors specific for cutting hair, “these are sewing scissors - don’t use these”

Is this the time to try a new style?  “I don’t recommend people get too creative and start a brand new look”