Too hot to handle in London, Ont. as heat warning extended

For the second day in a row, southwestern Ontario is under an extreme heat warning.

Some Londoners are keeping cool with their favourite ice cream, while others are enjoy pools and splash pads.

But not everyone has that sort of luxury. It’s still all hands on deck for those working in the construction industry.

“When you’re working in the heat sometimes it feels like you’re going to explode because you’re so hot. You just got to drink lots of water and take it easy,” said Conner Mcaffer, a worker for Riverside Concrete Forming.

Mcaffer and his colleagues are working at a slower pace today, to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion. They’re also take breaks more frequently, keeping hydrated and enjoying the occasional freezie.

Mcaffer says under this heat, there runs a risk of receiving other minor workplace injuries.

“So the heat affects the site, it can heat up the tools, really hot. You go to grab something and it might burn your hand,” he said.

The Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) is reminding people of ways to keep safe during scorching temperatures.

“Making sure we’re staying hydrated, seeking shade regularly, monitoring our physical activity, not trying to do too much during the time that it’s really hot,” said Dave Pavletic, program manager of environmental heath for the MLHU.

He also encourages people to keep an eye out for signs of heat exhaustion including fatigue, dizziness, a rapid pulse or excessive sweating.

He admits, these are signs often overlooked by people, but can have very damaging long term effects.

Finally, Pavletic urges Londoners to use the city’s many resources and facilities that have been designed to keep residents from overheating.

“The city has cooling centres that are available during these times, public libraries are a good place to go… they’re air conditioned environment.”