Tornadoes confirmed in southwestern Ontario

The Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) has confirmed a tornado and a downburst in the region following Sunday's storms.

After surveying some of the damage, NTP says the bow echo storm left evidence of an EF1 tornado in Parkhill, Ont. with a weak downburst identified near the end of the track.

The storm tore through the area around 9:55 p.m. with winds gusting up to 150 km/h and caused tree and structural damage.

A second survey was done in Ailsa Craig, Ont. which found evidence of an EF1 downburst. Damage in this area is more widespread, according to NTP. Barns, grain bins and trees were affected.

Among the damage was the Trinity Chapel in Ailsa Craig, which saw its steeple topple to the ground.

In London and surrounding areas there were numerous reports of downed trees and power lines.