Toronto driver charged with stunt driving through residential Barrie neighbourhood

Barrie police radar allegedly clocked a Toronto driver speeding down a residential road on Thurs. June 3, 2021 (Barrie Police Services/Twitter)

Police say they clocked a driver speeding at more than double the posted limit along a residential road in Barrie Thursday morning.

Barrie police say the 24-year-old driver from Toronto was travelling 105km/h through a 50km/h zone on Big Bay Road when officers stopped the vehicle.

Barrie police communications coordinator Peter Leon said officers patrol the area often after the community complained about a high rate of speeders.

"It's very serious," Leon said. "People could have been walking around."

Police charged the accused with stunt driving, their license was suspended on the spot.

The driver will also have to foot the bill after the vehicle was impounded for seven days.

Police recently increased patrols in areas where residents voiced concerns.