Toronto man who disappeared on his way home from work found dead, wife says

Karol Jankowski is seen in this undated photo. He was found dead on April 25. (Supplied)

A Toronto man who disappeared while he was on his way home from work earlier this month has been found dead, his wife says.

Karol Jankowski went to work for his usual 7 a.m. shift on April 6 and then texted his wife, Aimee, around 3:15 p.m. saying he was on his way home, but never arrived. 

Despite police and friends searching for days, the 39-year-old could not be found and authorities said they had no leads. 

"He just disappeared," Aimee told CTV News Toronto earlier this month.

In a post to on Facebook on Thursday, Aimee said that detectives arrived at her home on April 25 to say they had found her husband's van and there was a deceased male inside. 

"It took another four days for the coroner to identify the body and inform me that the love of my life is gone," Aimee wrote. "The Coroner did let me know that Karol did not suffer, which hopefully we can all find a small bit of comfort in."

Aimee, who lives with cerebral palsy, had been married to Karol for 12 years and described him not only as her best friend but also her primary caregiver. 

"My absolute favourite thing about Karol was that he had one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know," Aimee wrote. "When he loved someone, he loved someone. I think I benefited from this the most out of everyone. When people would see Karol and I together, there was no denying how much we loved each other."

"We will always remember the wonderful person Karol was, and who will for evermore remain in our hearts."

Toronto police confirmed on Thursday Karol had been located but said they weren’t able to release any further details. 

"I can honestly say that we did everything in our power to find Karol," Aimee said. "You name it, we did it. I would just like to take a moment here to thank all of you, no matter what role you played (big or small), for helping us try to bring Karol home."