Toronto woman driving 'erratically' with child passenger charged with impaired

Police charged a woman driving with a child passenger with being impaired after she allegedly blew through two stop signs.

The incident was recorded on the officer's dash cam video.

York Regional Police said the woman was driving erratically before the officer stopped her in the Clarence Street and Wycliffe Avenue area in Vaughan.

The officer approached her vehicle and while speaking with the woman, said he could smell alcohol.

"What time was your last drink," he asked.

"Two hours ago," the woman replied.

The officer then requested to see her driver's licence. The officer said she instead showed him a map.

"Why are you showing me a map," he asked.

"That's where I was stopping," she replied.

After a few moments, the officer placed the woman under arrest.

"You got a kid in the car, for God's sake," he finished.

Police said no one was injured, including the five-year-old in the backseat.

The 33-year-old Toronto woman was charged with several offences, including impaired operation, 80 plus, and driving while under suspension.