Tough growing season in Alberta will impact consumers' pockets, experts say

Many farmers across the prairies are finishing up what they describe as a difficult growing season.

“We wrapped up our harvest,” said John Guelly, who has a farm near Westlock. “We’re all done with the canola and we’re all done for another year.”

Like many others, Guelly’s crops were impacted by record-high temperatures and a lack of rain.

He said in a normal year he could get about 18 truck loads of canola seed from one field alone. This year, he only has 12 loads.

“Probably tougher on the cattle guys.They didn’t have a lot of water to water their cattle, feed, what was available was very expensive,” Guelly said.

Experts said higher grain prices are also being felt by consumers.

“We’re starting to see some sections of the grocery store impacted by what’s happening at the grain market,” said Sylvain Charlebois, a professor at Dalhousie University.

“Prices have gone up five to 10 per cent for most cuts at the meat counter due to grain prices it’s costing more to feed livestock,” Charlebois added.