Town of Erin bans Airbnbs

About 1,800 properties in Edmonton are listed on rental sites like Airbnb.

The Town of Erin has banned Airbnbs, saying short-term rentals are not permitted until further notice.

It comes after complaints from residents about a party that was recently held at an Airbnb in the town.

The home is the only local residential property listed on the rental website.

Mayor Allan Alls says there is no bylaw supporting such a ban, and that’s why they are prohibiting Airbnbs until a bylaw has been drafted.

He adds, Airbnbs are new to the town and they want to make sure all residents are protected before allowing the short-term rentals.

“We’re not against people making money. That’s obvious. We’re here to protect the residents of all the town. And some are for it and some are against it. We will come up with a regulation that will permit it eventually,” Alls said.

Town staff say they will look at how other municipalities regulate Airbnbs and will present it to council at a later date.

Bed and breakfasts and agri-tourism are allowed in Erin.