Traffic lights reduce congestion at Bragg Creek intersection

A set of traffic lights has replaced an infamous stop sign in Bragg Creek, reducing traffic congestion.

Motorists heading to and from Bragg Creek are no longer getting stuck at a set of infamous, and often time-consuming, stop signs thanks to traffic lights now in operation.

"I haven't heard any complaints," said Bragg Creek Chamber of Commerce president Kathleen Burk.

"The times I've had to use them, it's been smooth sailing. I haven't been stuck in any traffic since they put them in place."

The stop signs, at the intersection of Highway 22, Burnside Drive and White Avenue, had been causing traffic backups for a number of years, which got worse as the number of people accessing the area increased.

There were times, said Burk, when she found herself stopped south of the Redwood Meadows Golf Course, which is about five kilometres away from the intersection.

The new lights went into operation just before the May long weekend.

And having the problem largely solved, said Burke, will hopefully help area businesses rebound from COVID-19.

"People were starting to bypass Bragg Creek because of the traffic congestion," she said.

Along with the new lights, the configuration of the intersection was improved, with turning lanes added, to allow more traffic to pass through.

Bragg Creek is an area popular for hiking west of Calgary, and there are a number of shops and restaurants.