Train derails near Lacombe, Alta., oil spill contained by emergency crews

Approximately 23 cars derailed near Lacombe, Alta. (Courtesy: Josh Wawin)

Emergency crews were able to contain a spill of tar oil – also known as liquid asphalt – after a trail derailment southwest of Lacombe, Alta., Friday evening.

At around 8:15 p.m. Friday, RCMP said they received a 911 call of a train derailing along Highway 2A near Range Road 270A, between Township Road 401 and 402.

Initial reports suggested several oil-carrying cars were leaking and that there was possibly a fire at the scene, Mounties said.

Crews soon determined there was no fire and that 23 train cars had derailed, four of which were carrying liquid asphalt.

According to police, only one car leaked while the other cars carrying liquid asphalt remained intact.

Lacombe County said approximately 32,000 litres of liquid asphalt was released.

A photo showing some of the 23 train cars that derailed southwest of Lacombe, Alta. (Courtesy: Candice Campbell)

No one was injured by the derailment but one home was evacuated as a precaution. The homeowners were able to return  by Saturday morning.

“It was determined one railcar carrying asphalt was leaking product,” said Andy Cummings, manager of media relations for CP Rail. “That spill has been contained.”

Approximately 23 cars had derailed near Lacombe (Courtesy of Kyle Foreman)

The derailment caused Highway 2A to be closed to traffic Friday evening and most of Saturday as crews worked to contain the spill and investigate.

According to CP Rail, the cause of the incident is still under investigation.