Transit announcement: Crews break ground on Richmond's newest Canada Line station

Construction is officially underway for the long-awaited Capstan Station in Richmond.

The new station is being built near the intersection of No. 3 Road and Capstan Way, and will join the existing Canada Line route.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie made the announcement at a news conference Thursday, alongside TransLink CEO Kevin Quinn.

"Capstan Station is a great example of how various parties, in this case, TransLink and the City of Richmond and various development partners worked together to make this particular station happen," Brodie said.

He added that the $52 million SkyTrain station will provide efficient and environmentally sustainable rapid transit to the rapidly developing Richmond community.

"In the Capstan area alone, the vision is that we will have some 16,000 new residents who are living here," he said. "Those people are going to want to use the Canada Line."

Capstan Station will have some additional features compared to existing Canada Line stations, which include dual escalator sets, increased platform length and waiting space, a larger concourse, commercial retail space and public artwork.

"Fast, frequent, reliable and accessible transit is the best way to build stronger communities," Quinn said. "The new Capstan Station will be built right in the heart of a growing community and will help make transit the number one transportation option for so many new and current residents of Capstan Village."

Capstan Station is slated to open sometime in 2023 and will provide easier access for commuters travelling between Bridgeport and Aberdeen stations.