'Transport mishap' at truck wash in Woodstock

(Woodstock Fire Department/Twitter)

The Woodstock Fire Department has shared dramatic images of an incident at Blue Beacon Truck Wash.

Photos posted to Twitter show substantial damage to one of the location’s wash stations, where a transport truck appears to have crashed through a wall.

The Fire Department said the “truck mishap” happened Monday.

A Blue Beacon employee told CTV News they’re unable to comment because of an ongoing investigation into the matter, but said the wash station remained closed Tuesday.

Woodstock police have not responded to request for comment.

Transport mishap at the Blue Beacon Truck Wash yesterday! #morethanfires #yeswedothat #safetyfirst #wfd pic.twitter.com/AczdcBEott

— Woodstock Fire Dept (@WoodstockFireDe) May 10, 2022