Troupe of circus performers swings back into action as live performances resume across Ontario

Soaring several feet above the stage, aerial acrobat Sabine Van Rensburg is rehearsing for her first show in more than a year.

She loves to perform, and on Canada Day, she will finally get the chance to appear before an audience again.

"I mean, it's quite an emotional experience," she says. "You work so hard for so many years and it's all condensed into this one hour show."

Van Rensburg is one of 10 performers in a show called "Together Apart." Premiering on July 1 at the Markham Fairgrounds, it will be one of the first live audience shows to open now that the province has entered Step 2 of its reopening plan.

"I'm super anxious, excited," The 24 year old, who is originally from South Africa but is now based in Montreal, says. "I think the dose of adrenaline is going to be incredible and just being able to connect with people in that way again."

The show uses a 360 degree, 240 foot stage with a large catwalk splitting the audience into four sections.

The audience will sit on distanced platforms that will allow a maximum of six people, to be in compliance with the province's Step 2 regulations.

The performance was designed by world renowned arts collective "The Seven Fingers" out of Montreal.

The show’s creator, Isabelle Chasse, says the show is a unique opportunity, as these 10 world-class performers would not normally be available to appear together.

"It seems like the perfect time again like, OK seize the moment right now because afterwards they'll be all over the place again," she says.

What may be most remarkable about this performance, is that they had to prepare for this as if they could go ahead, but not knowing if they would.

Training began over three months ago, before knowing if the pandemic would allow an audience to gather in person. So when word came from the provincial government just days ago, they kicked into high gear.

Monica Gomez, CEO of the Concierge Club and planner for this event, says, "now knowing that we're allowed to do it, everyone is kind of feeling like on this high and the energy is up there."

They group will perform from Thursday to Sunday's starting Canada Day until August 1 -- with two shows per night. The first at 6:30 p.m. and the second at 9:30 p.m.

While Van Rensburg has been practicing, she says she longs to connect with an audience in a way that only comes through performance.

"This moment can't happen without one another," she says. Adding, "They're just as important as the artists and vice versa."

So together apart will allow some to be together again.