Truck stolen from Calgary LRT station recovered in dramatic takedown in Kelowna

Sandy Forbes says it’s upsetting to see her son’s truck, stolen from a parking lot, involved in a dramatic takedown in Kelowna that was caught on video.

Video of the incident shows police approaching the suspects with guns drawn.

“That was pretty terrifying … It was heartbreaking," Forbes said in an interview with CTV News.

“My husband, it was his truck to begin with and we’ve had it for a while and it was a really nice truck, you can’t really replace them … I guess it was just hard watching the officers just smash into it to try and get it to stop.”

Forbes, who lives in Bearspaw, said the 1998 Chevy Silverado now belongs to her son. He parks the vehicle at the Tuscany station before commuting downtown for work.

When he returned to the lot after work in June 29, the truck wasn’t there.

“It had been gone for a while so we kind of gave up thinking it would be recovered. But we were hoping that if they did it was not smashed up like that.”

Forbes said on Monday they received a call from RCMP in Kelowna saying the vehicle had been located, but it was damaged.

RCMP said the stolen pickup had been spotted last week but the driver took off. It was seen again Monday.

RCMP said officers followed it with unmarked vehicles and a helicopter. Police say the pickup smashed into several police and civilian vehicles while trying to escape.

A man and woman were taken into custody.

“It’s just not a good feeling," Forbes said. "You work hard for your stuff and then people just feel like they have the right to take it.”

Forbes said the only relief is that no one was hurt.

She said police told them the vehicle was full of drugs and drug paraphernalia, so even if it was still driveable they likely wouldn’t have gotten it back.