Truscott movie hits the big screen in Huron County

A movie about Steven Truscott and his wife’s journey to clear his name is airing where it all started for Canada’s youngest person on death row — Huron County.

“It’s pretty poignant for the film to [air] here this evening. We actually shot some of the scenes in the jail here in Goderich,” said Kristin Booth, who plays Marlene Truscott in the film, ‘Marlene’.

Booth answered a packed audience’s questions at the opening night of ‘Marlene’ at Goderich’s Park Theatre.

The story follows Steven Truscott’s story from the time he became the youngest Canadian sentenced to hang for killing his Clinton, Ont.-area classmate Lynne Harper in 1959, to his ultimate exoneration nearly 50 years later in 2007.

“For some people in Ontario, Steven Truscott and his case is like 9/11. People are like, ‘I know where I was that minute that happened,’” says Booth, who grew up near Stratford, Ont.

Truscott would never have had his conviction overturned without the dogged determination of his wife Marlene, whom the movie is focused on.

“I’ve had people that were alive during the initial trial and have brought their kids in here who also know the story. So local cinema, local story — it doesn’t get any better,” said Park Theatre Manager, Francis Litzinger.

For those in attendance at opening night, ‘Marlene’ was a haunting and educational trip down memory lane.

“My father grew up with him so I’ve heard a lot about the story from my dad. I’ve read the book, too. It was good to see it in another way,” said theatre goer, Rob Young.

“It’s horrible to happen anywhere, but when it hits this close to home, it makes it seem ever that much more real,” added Karen Wiley.

“I didn’t really know they’d come here to film some in the old prison here. That was really neat to see,” said John Smith.

“Marlene and Steven’s story is part of our history. Most people know about Steven Truscott but they don’t know Marlene’s story. Here is the opportunity to see her story and her epic journey to clear his name,” said Booth, who communicated with Marlene Truscott on a daily basis while they shot the movie.

'Marlene' airs this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night at Goderich’s Park Theatre. You can learn more at the Movie Links and Vortex Media websites.