Tuesday's storm produces heavy rainfall, hail and damaging winds

Ominous clouds and heavy rain struck parts of the region on Tuesday evening after Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm warning.

The weather agency warned that the intense storm with strong wind gusts up to 100km/h would hammer most southern Ontario.

Viewer-submitted photos show dark clouds hovering over The Town of the Blue Mountains.

(Photo courtesy: Aaron Haight)

A system moved over a neighbourhood in Collingwood that appeared to produce a possible funnel cloud.

(Photo courtesy: Facebook/Kristie Peel)

Environment Canada reported the Collingwood area received 49 millimetres of rainfall.

Menacing clouds formed over Barrie before they opened to a downpour around 6 p.m.

CTV News weather specialist KC Colby was outside when his cameraman, Dave Sullivan, snapped the photo.

"Less than five minutes later, a bolt of lightning and crack of thunder drove us inside for shelter. Storms cannot be taken lightly," Colby said.

According to Environment Canada, Barrie received 32 millimetres of rainfall during the storm.

And large hail plummeted the Orangeville area around the dinner hour.

(Photo courtesy: Murray Berger)

In Caledon, officers blocked roads where the storm downed hydro lines.

And in Mono Mills, a tree was downed, crushing a swing set. Police said no one was hurt.

Hydro crews are busy repairing downed lines and restoring power to several areas.

Wednesday's weather will include mostly cloudy skies and a 30 per cent chance of thundershowers for Simcoe County.

CTV News weather specialist KC Colby said to expect "unsettled weather tonight, low 13."