Two-time Olympic medalist Stephane Labbé hosts soccer camp in Regina

Canadian Olympic soccer player Stephanie Labbé was in Regina Monday night for her cross-country “Champions Tour.”

“I’m from a small town so anytime I can get to the prairies and places like this it’s really special to me,” said Labbé.

The Champions Tour is a soccer clinic for youth aged nine to 13 and focuses on tips, drills, and even a special message from the retired professional.

“The biggest thing is like believe in yourself no matter what. There’s always going to be people that don’t believe in you and tell you you’re not good enough. I had people like that my entire career but I just continue to believe in yourself no matter what and your dreams,” she said.

It is a message that already has made an impact

“I just have to keep going no matter what happens. If I get told that I’m not playing or get injured I just have to keep going and not give up,” said participant and soccer player Neko Michell

“I think it’s great for young athletes to hear that from someone with her background just to believe in yourself and nothing is impossible,” said QC United soccer club’s technical director Josh Hartl.

Labbé won bronze at the Rio 2016 Olympics and most recently gold at the Tokyo 2020 games. It was there that many Canadians began to recognize Labbé after her performance. She became the first Canadian goalkeeper to twice make two saves on kicks from the penalties mark in the same competition. First when Canada eliminated Brazil in the quarter finals and then ultimately winning gold against Sweden in the same penalty kick outcome.

Labbé now incorporates that in her tour by letting a select group of kids get the opportunity to try and score on her at the end of the clinic.

“It brings the memories back of why these kids you know started to learn my name and learn who I am,” she said. “So to bring back the excitement of it, it just gives them a chance to cheer each other one and gives a couple kids some bragging rights.”

Labbé announced her retirement from professional soccer in January.