Public health officials in Manitoba have announced two more schools in Winnipeg have had potential exposures to COVID-19.

The news, released Tuesday in the province's health bulletin, says exposures occurred at Andrew Mynarski VC School and Dufferin School. Both potential exposures occurred on Sept. 28 and 29.

Health officials said at both schools, there is no evidence of in-school transmission, and the cases were not acquired at the schools.

Andrew Mynarski VC School, which is located at 1111 Machray Avenue, is a junior high school, while Dufferin School, located on 545 Alexander Avenue, is a nursery to Grade 6 school.

One cohort at Andrew Mynarski will self-monitor for symptoms, while one class at Dufferin School will self-monitor.

The province said public health is reaching out to close contacts to advise self-isolation.