Two young people have been identified in connection to reports of racist graffiti at a residence in Kitchener over the weekend.

Waterloo regional police say the two youths "have been dealt with under the Youth Criminal Justice Act," and no other information will be released.

The incident in question involved racist symbols and slurs being drawn on driveways in sidewalks near Hearthwood Avenue on Saturday evening.

Resident Tony Vohsemer’s camera also caught two youths starting to draw what appeared to be a swastika symbol on his driveway with chalk.

Anti-Semitic language, a second swastika, and the n-word were found on the sidewalk, and a third swastika with more inappropriate language was found on another driveway. This also included the words, "I’m racist."

Another resident, Jason Hynes, posted video of the graffiti being done on his driveway, but later removed it after saying that the minors were identified.

He said on Twitter that both parents came to apologize for the actions of their kids.

The driveways and sidewalks have since been cleaned up.