U of S Huskies’ Colton Klassen continues to bolster offence, hoping for CFL opportunities

After two games, it’s become no secret that University of Saskatchewan Huskies Receiver Colton Klassen is once again a dominant force on the gridiron, not skipping a beat since 2019.

“You know the biggest thing is like, especially coach Flory, none of those guys had any doubt, which really, really sinks in with me. And I'm just happy that I can come out here, and it’s like nothing changed,” said Klassen.

Head coach Scott Flory says Klassen has been reliable throughout his time with the Huskies.

"Colton has been a consistent, constant performer for us. He has been an absolute pleasure to coach and to be part of the team. He is a leader. He's a spark plug for us," said Flory.

So far, quarterback Mason Nyhus and Klassen have connected for a total 126 yards in the air and four touchdowns, two of them in a big 43-15 win over the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds.

“Honestly, I just love getting the ball to C.K. right? He is a great playmaker. If you get the ball in space he's going to make plays for you. And honestly, he does so much for our team,” said Nyhus.

It has been extra special for Klassen. The two-time Canada-West All-Star was selected in the 2020 draft by the Montreal Alouettes, but the CFL cancelled its season because of the pandemic.

And so did the Huskies, leaving his future in football at the time somewhat uncertain.

So getting back on the field has meant so much more this year.

"You know that first game, you know I didn't really think about it on the field. But after the game you know, I got kind of emotional just thinking about it. You know, the road it took to get back to being able to perform, and get on the football field. And you know, it meant a lot,” said Klassen.

He wants to continue to prove he belongs in the CFL, and mentioned his time at Alouettes camp.

“Went out there, learned, performed, I believe to the best of my ability. And you know, I'm just hoping that I perform this year, and get the invite out there next spring and that's all I can really control.”

And Nyhus wants to contribute any way he can.

"I know he has the skill and the commitment to play at the next level. And if I can help him out by getting him a few more touchdown, I’ll sure do it."

After starting on the road, the Huskies have a bye week before their season home opener against Alberta next Saturday.