U of S welcomes new football recruits for spring training

After missing two years because of the pandemic, the Saskatchewan Huskies’ Dog’s Breakfast returned for its 20th edition on Thursday morning, with more than 1,400 in attendance raising $110,000 for the Huskies Football Foundation that goes towards supporting student-athletes.

“If it wasn't for the foundation, we wouldn't be able to give all those scholarships,” said Huskies’ football head coach Scott Flory.

“They had reserves but it's good to get back here, and just the level of support from the community, I mean every bit of this money goes towards these guys and their academic pursuits so it's just it's a massive part of football in our country and we need this and we're so thankful for all the support for it.”

Flory says the foundation did coaches luncheons and other functions in lieu of the Dog’s Breakfast the last two years, but they weren’t able to provide the same level of support.

“There are programs out there that set the bar from a monetary standpoint, and we’re always trying to continue to do that, to be a top program, and I think we are in this country,” he said.

The program also welcomed 19 new recruits, ready to hit the field for the start of spring camp on Thursday evening.

Flory says he sees a “ton of potential” with plenty of “long, lean and physical” players.

“Culture is everything here,” said new Huskie Jack Warrack.

“The whole city’s involved with this, I've never seen anything like this where a whole city stands behind the college football team in Canada, so it's pretty surreal.”

“It's a tremendous honour,” said new Huskie Charlie Parks.

“The fact that this team who's already so good came out of their way to come get me, and my uncle played here in the 90s when they won their last Vanier Cup, it's spectacular that I get to then also play for that team.”

Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager Jeremy O’Day was part of the guest panel speaking at the event, one of four members of the 2007 Grey Cup-winning squad that also included Andy Fantuz, Tad Kornegay and Scott Schultz.

“The Dog's Breakfast has been a great fundraiser for the Huskies for a long time, and we're always here to show our support for the Huskies program,” said O’Day.

The Riders selected Saskatchewan Huskies players in the first round of the CFL draft in 2021 and 2020.

“When you have players that have played in Saskatchewan or been part of the universities, whether it's a University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, they just have a sense of pride about playing in Saskatchewan,” said O’Day.

“They know what it's all about and that only helps them in the locker room. I always say that we can't have enough guys from Saskatchewan.”

Saskatchewan Huskies spring camp runs from Thursday through Sunday.