Chris Beavis manages Winston’s and 21st Street Brewery within the Hotel Senator, and says he has heard countless ghost stories from guests and staff. (Joseph Bernacki/CTV Saskatoon)

Workers and guests at the Western Development Museum have experienced unexplained occurrences that have stuck with them for years.

"One night, some of my team were working in the cafe, and it was very, very dark," general manager Jason Wall said.

"They just happened to look out on to Boomtown Street and my one co-worker said she could see this lady dressed in a period costume, so the likes of an old-fashioned dress. What stood out was that it was a red dress and she was all decked out in red, staring in at the team that was busy closing up the shop."

The worker left as soon as possible, he said.

Death at Hotel Senator

“Some housekeeping staff have seen a woman in a wedding gown,” said Chris Beavis, part owner and general manager of the Hotel Senator.

“There was an actual death here upstairs a number of years ago. I always felt like if there's any place where there is going to be paranormal activity, this would probably be it.

"Lots of different staff members have seen very strange instances of doors opening, sounds, weird sounds for sure and stereo. One of our night auditors reported the stereo turning on by itself at night which really freaked him out.”

Evil hangovers

“Sometimes you hear about chambermaids not being able to open a door because a piece of furniture has been set in front of the door,” said storyteller and Saskatoon resident Danica Lorer.

“My friends who have stayed here, I texted them and they told me of the room that they don't want to stay in anymore and he said 'oh it's just evil hangovers nothing much there' and she said, well she feels uncomfortable and that he has woken up at night and had been really angry and not remembered it the next day.”