What is usually an all day event at Bell Park in Sudbury, was turned to a physical distanced car parade that started on MacIssac Drive and concluded at United Steelworkers Hall on Brady Street on Monday morning.

Various unions and labour advocates took part in the Labour Day parade.

President of Sudbury and District Labour Council Mike Bellerose said he was worried todays parade wouldn’t see as good a turn out as previous years when he looked at who had registered for the parade.

“My heart is just touched. The amount of vehicles, the amount of people who are here, keeping that social distance, I’m just so happy,” said Bellerose.  

“This is one thing that Doug Ford can’t take away from us. This is something that I am so happy about, that people are here to show their support and love.”

During speeches snacks were handed out at United Steelworkers Hall to show appreciation to everyone who supported todays parade.

Sudbury MPP Jamie West was in attendance and said he hopes to see change in classrooms to keep students and staff safe when the new school year starts on Tuesday.

“We’re hearing more and more reports of parents keeping their students home. Those classes instead of having 15 kids, are being amalgamated with another class, so you have a split six and seven grade or a five and six class, instead of two separate small classes,” said West.

“We can’t have one set of rules for the grocery store and a different set of rules in the classroom.”

Some are struggling to make ends meet as COVID-19 continues to effect so many.

West added he’s hopeful that once we come out of COVID-19, strong support measures will be put in place for those who need it.