'Unknown substance' that has caused two deaths and several overdoses causing worry in Halifax

What's being called an "unknown substance" found on blotters typically associated with the use of acid is causing worry and warnings in the Halifax area.

"People think it's going to be an acid trip and next thing you know they're not waking up, says Matthew Bonn of the Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs.

Bonn says an increase in overdoses over the last couple weeks has raised alarm bells.

"It's really surprising to me because, usually when you see overdose deaths, it's related to a pill that someone may have taken, it's related to a substance that someone may have injected. It's not really a blotter pad, that's more recreational kind of acid," Bonn says.

Word about the string of overdoses is getting around. Some organizations have offered training to their staff, should they have to deal with an overdose.

We had our team trained to administer Naloxone should an overdose emergency happened in the building. We're obviously at the ready," says Derek Pace, the executive director of the Brunswick Street Mission.

Bonn says the fact that the substance is being found on acid blotters is of particular concern.

"It's more geared toward newer, younger drug users that aren't as experienced with harm reduction methods, he says.

Until the source of the contaminated blotters can be tracked down, Bonn is asking people to not use them alone and to carry a Naloxone kit if they can get one.