Unvaccinated could soon mean uninvited for weddings, informal gatherings

Whether it's a wedding, baby shower or an everyday friendly gathering – a private vaccination policy could soon be another sign of these COVID-19 times.

"Just like for any event, set the expectations for your guests", said Julie Blais Comeau, owner of a company offering advice on etiquette based out of Ottawa.

Blais Comeau says there's no doubt that if a private event host wants guests to provide proof of vaccination, it will in some cases come with some awkward moments.

She recommends that in order to minimize any misunderstanding, a host's decision should be communicated clearly -- and firmly -- to all guests, ahead of the event.

"It could be done on the telephone and, actually, that's my recommendation. Call the people. We're not talking about hundreds of phone calls that will have to be made," Blais Comeau said.

"I think most would be in favour of something like this, yes," added Paul MacDonald. He's general manager of Sydney's Centre 200, which often hosts weddings, with hundreds of guests.

Blais Comeau says it's a reasonable ask.

"Once again I want to emphasize ... that people have a right to make their decision," she told CTV Atlantic.

From backyard parties to baby showers, Blais Comeau says the same goes for other informal gatherings.

She adds that as long as there aren't any surprises, most people will probably be reasonable and respectful - even if they are disappointed.

If bad feelings are still lingering, she says offering a make-up date could help make amends.

"Allude to the future, where they could plan another occasion where they could gather. But for this time, they have to stay firm on the decision," she said.

"I think everybody quite frankly has been fatigued, honestly, with this whole thing," added Paul MacDonald. Julie Blais Comeau says with that in mind, both hosts and guests can remember that these vaccination decisions are nothing personal.

"It's going to get sticky. So let's just at times, agree to disagree," she said.

In one final piece of advice, Blais Comeau said that hosts who might have trouble enforcing their decisions could in some cases delegate that task to someone else – like a venue owner, or an event planner.